You look after your business, we'll handle the technical stuff.

Need a webmaster or support team but don’t have the resources in-house? We provide a wide range of support and hosting services to ensure your website or online store is well-maintained, up-to-date, secure, and available

Uptime Monitoring

Who knows when your website goes offline, and after how long? We provide uptime monitoring services for websites and online stores that send email alerts in the event of website trouble or non-availability. Whether you combine website monitoring with one or more of our other support services or use it alone, you’ll sleep better knowing your website is being watched 24/7.

Website Operation

Websites and online stores are dynamic and need regular attention and updates. However, finding the time (or skilled people) to keep your website fresh and interesting can sometimes be a challenge. If your website isn't getting the attention it deserves there’s a chance we can help. We work with many of our customers to schedule, create, and publish new website content, and we can do the same for you.

Managed Hosting

Website hosting is one of those background services you never really think about until something suddenly goes wrong. When your website goes offline you can either deal with it yourself (assuming you can find your login details or the number for tech support) or let someone else handle it for you. Managed, cloud-based hosting by Netwise gives you that someone else, and a whole lot of peace of mind.

Website Support

Without an in-house IT team the important work of keeping your website up-to-date and running smoothly can be left to someone without the necessary skills or (worse) no one at all. Read about our popular Wordpress Website Support & Maintenance Packages for a reliable and affordable means of keeping your website healthy, up-to-date, and protected. You look after your business, we'll handle the technical stuff.