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Protechnology Japan

Introducing Japan's hidden champions to the world

Small- and medium-sized enterprises in the manufacturing space are often referred to as Japan’s “hidden champions.” These specialized firms, typically with fewer than 250 employees, are often the best in the world within whatever narrow niche they choose to operate. We were approached to help introduce these firms to the rest of the world with the goal of facilitating their expansion into overseas markets.

To this end we created a content-rich online business directory and branded it Protechnology Japan. (We created the name and a nice logo to go with it.) The Protechnology website features in-depth coverage of the companies and technologies at the leading of Japan’s manufacturing industry. Company profiles, detailed reports, even product samples are available on the website. And to make the site world-ready, many of the company profiles are available in English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, and Japanese.

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