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Promoting this iconic apparel brand and its sales online

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Dickies and yours truly both hail from the Dallas-Forth Worth area in North Texas, though their birth predates mine by more than a few years. The Williamson-Dickie Mfg. Co. opened its doors in Ft. Worth back in 1922, selling denim bib overalls and other workwear to farm and ranch hands around the Southwest. As a global brand operating today in more than a hundred countries, to say they’ve come a long way is an understatement.

Counted among those hundred countries is Japan, though hardly as a bit player. As Dickies’ number 2 market in the world, Japan represents a significant demographic, today and into the future. Products such as the iconic 874 work pant have become icons of skater culture and streetwear fashion not just in the US and UK but in Japan as well. Dickies products enjoy immense popularity here among men and women, both young and old alike. The crossover from workwear to streetwear fashion essential over the years has been impressive to watch.

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So where do we fit in? Netwise started working with Dickies’ owner VF Corporation in 2019, tasked with promoting the brand online and driving e-commerce sales. To that end we manage their social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube) and brand website, handle email marketing, and create and manage a range of paid media campaigns across paid search, display advertising, remarketing, and social ads. We design all assets and create all the copy we use across all channels.

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On the e-commerce side, Dickies currently sells exclusively on ZOZOTOWN. As a result, much of our efforts around paid and social media are designed to drive qualified traffic to the ZOZOTOWN website, and generate as much purchase intent as we can beforehand.

Working with ZOZOTOWN presents a number of difficulties, as anyone who has used the platform will attest. A lot of the data that would be readily available if running your own EC platform simply doesn’t exist. Even metrics as basic and fundamental as channel-specific conversion tracking are not measurable, which pushes a lot of our work and attention higher up the funnel. This means that we really have to work hard to lock in the sale before the person even gets ZOZOTOWN. Compelling design, good copy, and granular targeting and campaign optimization are the tools we use to make it happen.
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Working with mostly-supplied assets our designers work to create eye-catching, compelling visuals for both ads and social media. Since we also manage the brand site, we often create new content for the homepage, landing pages, promotional banners, and the like. We also manage the Lookbook and brand site product catalogs on the WordPress-based platform. Some examples of our work in the areas are shown below.

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