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Pharma Research Portal

API-enabled database aggregation for the win!

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd is the largest pharmaceutical company in Japan and Asia and a top 15 pharmaceutical company in the world. Their massive team of researchers needs quick and easy access to a wide range of information resources, and they approached us to help create the latest incarnation of their internal, browser-based research and information portal.

Takeda researches actively search for and review research reports, news, the results of clinical trials, and other data of interest to Takeda’s R&D and product development teams. Unfortunately, however, this data tends to be scattered across many different online databases and pharma industry information services. They needed a place where researchers could quickly and easily perform searches of multiple databases using a single form, and that’s what we gave them.

The new Knowledge Suite connects to a wide variety of remote online databases via API, and allows users to perform keyword searches in real-time across one or all of these with a single click. Results are divided among tabs and a convenient shortlist function makes it easy to bookmark and and share the results.

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