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Pioneer Rayz

Private e-commerce and web-based training for this rockin' audio brand

Portland, Oregon-based Appcessori makes high-end consumer audio products, and its core line of Pioneer Rayz products brings together a powerful combination of technology and high-quality audio entertainment. Appcessori asked Netwise to create both an online store and an online learning application for educating retail partners’ staff about Pioneer Rayz products.

For the private “friends and family” online store we chose Shopify, which ticked all the function al requirements boxes, including rich support for discount codes and payment via Apple Pay. This EC website took just 6 weeks to develop, underscoring how short the time-to-delivery can be (for simple sites) when developing on Shopify.



The training website was quite a bit more involved. After settling on the platform (WordPress) and LMS technology (LearnDash) we conducted a somewhat abbreviated IA process, wherein the default LMS screen layouts provided the starting point for each of the learning content and quiz section wireframes. For the design we followed the supplied brand guidelines to create a clean and brand-appropriate interface.



The bulk of the implementation phase was devoted to adapting the LearnDASH screens to the final/approved IA and visual designs. This included incorporating our own “you are here” progress display, quiz screens, and quiz results page.



Many or even most of the users going through the training would be doing so on iPhones, and so we made the entire applications, including courses, quizzes, and results, fully mobile-ready. Here are more examples of the screens as they appear on smartphones.



We also developed a custom link generator function that allows site admins to create retailer-specific URLs they can provide to their sales staff, allows them to be associated with the correct retailer group when they create an account with the system.

Finally, we also created a Shopify integration that would allow people who successfully completed the training and passed a quiz to receive a discount code for use on the Shopify website we created above. On passing the quiz the system shows (and sends) the user a unique, one-time use code along with a link to the online store. Neat, eh? We thought so.

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