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GLOBIS Unlimited

Quality online business education accessible to anyone, anywhere.



GLOBIS had an ambitious goal: combine the power of online learning technology with Japan’s No. 1 MBA program to offer high-quality business education to people anywhere. Our job was to help ensure the initiative succeeded.

Originally conceived as one component of a larger project to combine multiple GLOBIS web properties into a single, integrated one, we in the end kept the sites separate but worked to align them visually and stylistically, and to ensure smooth integration and inter-site traffic among the various websites.

One planned feature of the site was to create content targeting two different user groups: individuals and businesses. To this end we created two versions of the homepage, contact form, and selected content pages.

GLU-Details-Business and Individuals-PC_A_1


GLU-Details-Business and Individuals-Forms-PC_A_1

In our design process we put the user in the center. Our goal was to interest the user not only in the number and uniqueness of the courses, but in how much the content would help them develop new skills that would be of practical use in the future. We also liberally populated the UI with illustrations featuring people.


GLU-Details-Course philosophy-PC

GLU-Details-Course philosophy-SP


For easier visual perception of the course levels and categories of lessons we used icons.

GLU-Details-Video In Slider-PC_A_1

GLU-Details-Video In Slider-SP_A_1


The header was designed with the key website action–learning–placed front and center. Under this button is a menu in which the training content is divided into 2 larger groups – courses and learning paths. Again we using icons to make this content easier to see visually.

GLU-Details-menu open-PC

Because the site was developed after the Learning platform itself, it was necessary to integrate elements from the platform while at the same time concealing some functionality. For example, we hid the progress bar and the number of sections viewed in one course, while keeping the design of the course cards consistent.

You can view the GLOBIS Unlimited website and sample the course content by visiting https://unlimited.globis.co.jp/top/.



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