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GLOBIS Insights

Taking this owned media platform onward and upward

Our mission: redesign and re-platform the GLOBIS Insights news and information website to modernize its look-and-feel, make it visually consistent with other GLOBIS properties, and allow GLOBIS website administrators to easily manage its content, no matter what their technical background or knowledge.

As it so often happens, our client had an adequate website which nonetheless suffered from some important shortcomings, including:

  • Having no CMS made it difficult to publish content in a timely fashion and on a schedule aligned to GLOBIS priorities
  • Low organic traffic volume due to limitations in website technology and content optimization
  • Little traffic from social media sites and limited engagement on same
  • Inconsistent branding with the primary web property (their MBA site) and poor conversion

Through a preliminary discovery and definition process we identified a range of specific goals and then defined the KPIs we would use to measure the success of the website redevelopment project is achieving them. These included:

  1. Increase brand awareness
    • Total PVs
    • PVs of “important” articles
  2. Increase organic traffic (SEO)
    • Total organic traffic
    • Page ranking
  3. Elicit trust from visitors
    • Returning visitors
    • Session duration
    • SNS likes
    • Email newsletter subscriptions
  4. Create share-worthy content for social media
    • SNS shares
  5. Convert visitors to GLOBIS customers (MBA students)
    • Traffic referred to MBA website
    • Event signups

With the goals and requirements clear in mind we got to work. We followed our standard website development process, creating the site and page structures first before moving on to design and prototyping. The Development proceeded smoothly and was completed on schedule.

In the end we launched a fully responsive, modern, and engaging website that allows administrators to seamlessly integrate articles, videos, and events into high-level pages throughout the website.



Here are some other website highlights:

A rich search function which allows for keyword- and tag-based searching of all content, with the results grouped by content format, and sortable via relevancy or date.


“Cross-sell” sections on the article pages for the promotion of events related to that article’s content.


Always-on video mini-display that remains on-screen even after scrolling.


Integrated, automatic glossary of terms which presents definitions to curious readers on mouse-over.


Want to see more? View the GLOBIS Insights website yourself to enjoy the full experience.


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