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Books from Japan

The Japanese Literature and Publishing Center, or J’Lit Center, is an NPO involved with the important work of introducing and promoting Japanese literature overseas. The Tokyo-based operation has the lead role in the Japanese Literature Publishing Project (JLPP) initiated by the Cultural Affairs agency of the Japanese government, and has published 85 works into English, French, German and Russian.

J’Lit sought to create a new website which would introduce Japanese authors and works available in translation to the world. In the end they chose Netwise to make in happen.

We first created a database of publications, authors and publishers, and a web-based content management system to allow them to easily manage it. On the front-end we created an attractive, highly-functional and easy-to-use website optimized for search engines and social media. A multi-lingual architecture means selected content can be available in Japanese as well as English.

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